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It is not a very nice thing to have to think about but where there is online dating; there will be scams and cheats. You might want to think that the people that you are going to meet on your quest are going to be nice and genuine people but the reality of the matter is, there are a lot of nasty people out there and the way to ensure that you have fun with your online dating quest as well as being safe is to use a few common sense safety tips.

First of all, never believe everything that you hear or read. This is not to say that you should completely disregard everything that every person says to you but rather trust your instincts. If someone sends you a message with something that sounds as if it is complete garbage then the chances are it probably is. If your gut feeling is telling you to steer clear, go along with it and cease communication.

If you are talking to people whose stories seem to change regularly or are communicating rather vaguely, there are a few warning bells that should be ringing. The person that you are corresponding with on the online dating site could be married or a scam artist, either way, you will want to avoid both! It won’t be long before you start to learn the patterns of a liar and you can use these tips that you pick up along the way to help you out.

Why not ask dates that you seem to be getting along with particularly well to talk on the phone once you are comfortable with this big step. You can normally tell a lot more from voice to voice communication than you can from emails or instant messages and not only that but if he or she avoids this phone call, it could be a sign that something is not quite right, and NEVER give out money to a person you don’t know well. If someone ask you for money on a online dating site, report them to the site, and do not talk to the scammer anymore.

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